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Para Sailing

What does sailing have to offer?

The diverse nature of sailing as a sport and recreation offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to enjoy getting on the water:

  • using a wide range of equipment types
  • as an individual or sailing with others as part of a team
  • in competition across a variety of disciplines at a local to international level
  • enjoying the social atmosphere of a community club
  • learning new skills
  • appreciating the physical and mental health benefits that sailing provides


Who can sail?


People with a broad range of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities can enjoy sailing:

  • as a recreation and therapy through Sailability
  • learning the basic skills to be able to sail for recreation or competition through a Discover Sailing Learn to Sail Program
  • learning the skills informally and participate in friendly club competition through Clubs with SailPass
  • developing the racing skills to compete in open, inclusive events at a State, National or International level through a Discover Sailing Learn to Race Program

To view the Para Sailing Pathway – click here


Where do I start?

There are a number of ways you can get started on your sailing pathway:

  • Sailability
  • Discover Sailing
  • Informal sailing at clubs using SailPass


To find out more about SailPass – click here

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