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Big Boat Sailing

Keelboat Sailing

Keelboat courses use sailing boats up to 10m long which allow participants to learn to sail on stable yet responsive vessels. The crew is comprised of several sailors so all participants can experience and master all roles on board. Teamwork is essential and allows for participants of all fitness levels to learn to sail. These vessels are called Sport Keelboats for a reason though, more experienced crews will soon find out that these vessels are no snail!

☑ Fun & social

☑ Experienced instructors

☑ Learn Sailing & Safety

☑ Enjoy & explore

View the video below to see it in action:

Read the overview of all available Keelboat courses and choose the one that suits you best!

Program Overview  
Discover Sailing Experience - Keelboat Discover Sailing in a larger boat (keelboat) FIND A COURSE
Start Crewing Learn the basics of sailing on a keelboat FIND A COURSE
Start Helming Develop your theory and practical skills of helming. FIND A COURSE
Start Skippering Learn the seamanship skills to enable you to skipper a boat. FIND A COURSE
Spinnakers Learn to use asymmetrical and/or symmetrical spinnakers. FIND A COURSE
Start Racing - Keelboat Learn the basics of racing a keelboat. FIND A COURSE



There are five different courses of the keelboat program on the Sailing Pathway

Start Crewing
The first step on the Keelboat pathway introduces you to the basics of sailing on a small boat, including boat handling, safety and sailing theory.

Start Helming
This course develops both your theory and practical skills to confidently take control on the helm.

Start Skippering
You will now advance your sailing skills and safety knowledge to enable you to skipper unsupervised in sheltered waters

Spinnakers Course
This course introduces you to the fun and challenge of using asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers

Start Racing
You will now learn the basic racing rules, skills and tactics and gain an understanding of what is expected of a racing crew on a small boat

A Discover Sailing Experience is great place to start. This is the perfect 'taster' for anyone who wants to discover sailing for the first time. This is the perfect introduction and can be the ideal way for you to begin your sailing journey, without having to commit to a full training course.

What is a Discover Sailing Experience?
A Discover Sailing Experience is an approximate three-hour sailing experience at an accredited Discover Sailing Centre, without the technical detail of a course, for families, friends, or work colleagues. Having the chance to use the Centre’s social facilities is as much a part of the experience as is getting out on the water. 

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