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Learn to Wing

Wing-surfing and the more advanced wingfoiling are a fantastic way to get more time on the water and to learn new skills.   

To help introduce beginners, Australian Sailing has launched the Learn to Wing training program. With progressive courses to develop all the skills needed to get you up on the board with confidence. 

What is wing-surfing and how does it work? 

Wing-surfing and the more advanced wingfoiling are similar to windsurfing and use a wing with an inflated leading edge on a strut or boom to power you along. Unlike windsurfing where the sail is connected to the board, the wing is not attached to the board but controlled by your hands while you stand. 

The difference between wing-surfing and wingfoiling? 

Wings are becoming increasingly light weight and stable making them an easy progression for people to get into foiling. The only difference is the board used. Wing-surfing can be done on a stable windsurf board or stand-up paddle board (SUP), wingfoiling uses a board with a hydrofoil attached underneath.  

The Australian Sailing Learn to Wing course gives you the basic tools and understanding to later progress to Wingfoiling.  

What experience do you need?  

The best thing about taking part in a Learn to Wing course, is that no prior watersports experience is needed. Mastering the basics is easy and everyone can give it a go.  

When trying anything new, taking lessons with a qualified instructor is always a good idea to help to set the foundations and enhance your progression.  

How long does it take to Learn? 

You can be up on the board straight away. A Learn to Wing Experience is an approximate three- and half hour session. You will get to experience winging for the first time and learn how to go across wind, turn around and come back.  

The full Learn to Wing course progresses the basic skills covered in the experience and will take approximately 9 hours to complete spread across multiple sessions. 

Click on the links below to find a Learn to Wing course near you!

Program Overview  
Learn to Wing Experience The Learn to Wing experience will provide you with the essential skills to get up on the board and turn with assistance in a safe and supportive environment.  FIND A PROGRAM
Learn to Wing Course This is the first step on your journey to Winging. This course will teach you the basic skills required to get up on the board and confidently control the wing and be able to turn.  FIND A PROGRAM